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For all courses, you may register and pay on-line, or advise the Training Officer of your intent to attend, at least two weeks before the class starts, so that we may obtain the course materials in time for the first class. Late registrations will be accepted, with a $20 additional fee to pay for shipping of course material.

Please arrive by 6:45 on the first night of class to complete registration and obtain materials.

The boatingcourses.ca website lists other squadrons in the Lower Mainland and across Canada that offer these courses.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) Requirements

All Operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor and used for recreational purposes require a PCOC or other proof of compentency.

Proof of competency can take any of several forms:

  • 1. A Pleasure Craft Operator Card;
  • 2. Proof of having successfully completed a boating safety course in Canada prior to April 1, 1999; or,
  • 3. A completed rental-boat safety checklist; or,
  • 4. Any one of several Commercial certifications (see the Office of Boating Safety website for details)

The PCOC or other relevant documentation (or copy thereof) must be carried on-board while operating a vessel. These requirements do not apply in the Northwest and Nunavut Territories at this time.

Further information on PCOC requirements can be found on the Transport Canada "Office of Boating Safety" website

Boating 1: Boating Basics (PCOC) is a very basic course covering the minimum requirements for the Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC).

Boating 2 and Boating 3 cover the use of nautical charts, Aids to Navigation, plotting courses, and other topics essential for safe boating in our coastal waters.

The Marine Radiotelephone Operator Seminar ("VHF Course") qualifies the student for the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate, required to operate a marine radiotelephone in Canada.

The Advanced Courses and Elective Courses are open to the public, and have no prerequisites. However, the Advanced courses assume that the student has taken the previous courses, or has equivalent knowledge.

Fall 2021 Schedule

Boating 1: Boating Basics (PCOC)
Please see the CPS On-Line PCOC Course.
Vancouver Squadron will not be offering a classroom course in Fall 2021.

Boating 2 & 3

Vancouver Squadron will offer Boating 2 (Beyond PCOC) and Boating 3 (Intro to Navigation) as a single course. The course fee below is the fee for the combined course.

Tuesdays, Sep 14 (12 weeks)
Fee: Non-members: $290, 10% discount for CPS members

Marine Radio Operator
(Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate)
We are offering two one-day Radio Operator courses this Fall:
One day course (0900 - 1600) at St. James Community Square: Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021
One day course (0900 - 1600) at St. James Community Square: Saturday, Nov 20, 2021
Fee: Non-members: $150, CPS Members: $135

Courses offered by CPS

Boating 1: Boating Basics (Pleasurecraft Operator's Card)
Boating 2: Beyond Boating Basics
Boating 3: Introduction to Marine Navigation
Maritime Radio Operator Course

Boating 4: Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1(previously called Seamanship)
Boating 5: Near Shore Marine Navigation, level 2 (previously called Advanced Pilot)
Boating 6 - Offshore Marine Navigation, Level 1 (previously called Junior Navigator)
Boating 7 - Offshore Marine Navigation, Level 2 (previously called Global Navigation)

Boat and Engine Maintenance
Marine Electrical Systems
Introduction to Weather for Recreational Boaters
Extended Cruising
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