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Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron is one of 179 Squadrons across Canada which make up Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons.

Each year, CPS members teach a variety of courses to 10,000 or more concerned boaters in the general public across Canada. CPS is well known for its "Boating Course", which is the primary course offered to the public.

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons is a nationwide association of boating enthusiasts, dedicated to improving boating safety through training.

CPS is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Companies Act (Canada), and its administrative and instructional work is done by members - without remuneration.

Vancouver Squadron is one of 20 squadrons comprising Pacific Mainland District, most of which are located in the Greater Vancouver area.

To locate squadrons in other areas of Canada, please see the CPS National web site.

Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron's 46th Annual Commander's Bilgewater Bash Dinner & Dance is a fun and formal gala event where we celebrate the past year of teaching safe boating. Join us and be prepared for a delicious RVYC buffet dinner, door prize draws and dancing to great tunes!

Have you heard of our famous Bilgewater Punch? It's a long standing delicious tradition for Vancouver Squadron to mix our own brew - just don't ask us what's in it!

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)
Ticket Cost: $85/person
Date: April 7, 2018
Doors Open: 1800hrs
Bilgewater Service: 1815hrs

We'll see you there!

No refunds for cancellations after March 25, 2018.
Parking passes for the evening are available at the RVYC Reception Desk.

Vancouver Power and Sail Squadron
c/o Vancouver Maritime Museum
1905 Ogden Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1A3

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