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Boating 2 - Beyond the PCOC
Boating 3 - Introduction to Navigation
Vancouver Power Squadron
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Boating 2 - Beyond the PCOC

Boating 3 - Introduction to Navigation

Vancouver Squadron will run Boating 2 and Boating 3 as a single course. As material from the two courses will be intermingled, it is not possible to register for either of these courses independently with us. If you wish to take only one of these courses, please see http://boatingcourses.ca to find a squadron that offers the courses separately. The fees shown below cover both courses.

It is REQUIRED that you complete an "On-Line" registration, or advise the Training Officer at least two weeks before the course starts if you plan to attend this course.

Late registration will be subject to a $20 surcharge, and you may not receive your course materials on the first evening.

Classes are held at:
Prince of Wales School
2250 Eddington Dr.
Vancouver, B.C.
(two blocks west of Nanton Ave. & Arbutus St.)

Class times are 1900 - 2130 (7:00 PM to 9:30 PM). On the first night, please arrive by 6:45 to complete registration and pick up course materials.

Fall 2018: Tuesdays, Sept. 25 to Dec. 11, 2018 (12 weeks)
Full Fee: $345
Second student, sharing materials $265

Spring 2019: Tuesdays, Jan 22 to Apr 23, 2019 (12 weeks)(School closed Mar 19 & 23)
Full Fee: $345
Second student, sharing materials $265

Registration closed - class is full

Boating 2: Beyond the PCOC

This course expands on the PCOC information by covering essential topics such as Global positioning, chart symbols and their meaning, the magnetic compass, navigation by conning (visual reference using landmarks), electronic navigation with a GPS and chartplotter, handling a power boat while docking and undocking , ropes, lines and knots, anchoring, weather basics and potential weather hazards. Optional material includes topics on tides and currents, collision regulations and check lists for layup and launching.

NOTE: The Boating 2 course does not cover the material required for the PCOC card. Anyone operating a power-driven vessel is required to possess a PCOC. CPS issues a PCOC upon successful completion of the Boating Basics course.

Boating 3: Introduction to Navigation

This course continues from Boating 2 by working extensively with paper charts. Topics include plotting and labelling to recognized standards of lines of position, fixes, and course lines. Calculation of time, speed and distance with it all brought together by completing four practise cruises. Additional material includes environmental responsibilities, skipper's responsibilities before setting out and while underway, electrical hazards, and handling a boat under sail.

Courses offered by CPS

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Boating 2: Beyond Boating Basics
Boating 3: Introduction to Marine Navigation
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